Every year Windshift runs large-scale shared research projects, of interest to business and public sector organisations.

How to be Right for the Times

The 2018 How to be Right for the Times study is underway

Last run in 2015, this study  explores the ‘health’ and relevance of  almost 100 New Zealand brands. This study answers the question: compared to other major brands in our category and beyond, is our brand doing as much as it can to be relevant, connected and useful to our customers and potential customer s in 2018?  How has this changed since 2015? And most importantly – what should we do differently?

Windshift will provide in-depth analysis of the factors that drive perceptions and usage of a company’s brand/s, and the things that matter most to your specific audiences. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT JILL CALDWELL DIRECTLY.

The Lay of the Land Update

The  recent survey also updates our  2017 Lay of the Land results, revealing the societal changes that have taken place with the change of government. GO TO THE LAY OF THE LAND PAGE

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