Windshift Observations is the insight side of the business.

Windshift has a history of running large-scale shared research projects, of interest to business and public sector organisations. 2018 is no exception.

This year, Windshift and HT Group are conducting a shared research project, based on the concept of Total Wellbeing, the state where customer preference, staff engagement and business performance mutually benefit from an organisation’s wellbeing strategies.

As part of the preparation for this project we have produced a brief compilation of important wellbeing trends. You can download this directly [for free]  by clicking on the document image.

The key purpose of this research is to identify the wellbeing-generating strategies, actions and changes that are most effective in building preference for your brands and organisation among both staff and customers.

To see a copy of the proposal, please contact Jill Caldwell directly


The other part of the Observations business is the public and private commentary that ultimately results from all my insight-gathering.  My monthly Windshift Observations newsletter has a strong following, mainly antipodean. It is best described as eclectic, bringing together the results of over 20 years of social research and applying them to issues of the day. 

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