What Successful Brands Do

Windshift’s Successful Brands Collection explores lessons from New Zealand’s top brands, shows how successful brands build customer wellbeing, and reveals winning business strategies for 2019 and beyond.

These are the tag-lines of three recently updated reports, now available [either together or separately] at our online store. Though each covers quite different topics, they have a shared focus on how brands and businesses must evolve in order to become and remain successful. They help you to take a step back and focus on overall strategies, without losing sight of your practical to-do lists for the year ahead.

Here’s a short guide to the flow of  each report – click on the links for more details:

How To Be Right For The Times: lessons from New Zealand’s top brands

  • Successful brands feel ‘right for the times’ to people.
  • Potential buyers have three distinctive points of view on what matters most about brands.
  • Here’s why some brands are more successful than others


The Pursuit of Wellbeing: how successful brands build customer wellbeing

  • Many people pursue wellbeing.
  • So it’s important [and really interesting] to know what they want and what works best for them .
  • Aiding their pursuit of wellbeing  generates gratitude, a strong form of brand attachment.
  • Successful brands focus deliberately on customer wellbeing.


Tribes of the 3 Worlds: winning strategies for 2019 and beyond

  • The business environment is systematically evolving.
  • Customer expectations are  evolving in similar ways.
  • So it’s important to clarify where you are heading – and to keep up with your customers.
  • Successful brands reflect good choices about where to head and how to operate.

What To Expect From These Reports

  • They are all based on up-to-date research conducted by Windshift in 2018, and may also refer to research we conducted in 2015 and 2017.
  • They are available for purchase and instant download through Windshift’s online store.  Alternatively, payment can be made on invoice.
  • Each downloadable report package contains a PowerPoint slide deck comprising 24 PNG slide images and a 24 page presentation report [PDF], which outlines the case we are making.
  • The report explains each slide in detail, allowing you to distribute within the organisation or re-present with confidence.
  • The reports are priced  to reach a wide business audience [between $150 and $250 plus GST.]
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will make a full refund.
  • To learn more, please contact Windshift directly