Wellbeing Month at Windshift

August is Wellbeing Month at Windshift Projects.

The concept of wellbeing is expanding before our eyes. It’s not just about eating well or getting enough exercise any more. Wanting to live simply healthily and sustainably is a natural philosophy of life.  It’s an intuitive response to a challenging world. If you have staff or customers you probably already feel its effects. But do you recognise its opportunities?

We are putting together a series of short reports and blog posts that explore different aspects of the topic. All reports will include data from our 2018 surveys.

August Wellbeing Month Mini Reports

Living Simply Healthily & Sustainably.  [Published 9 August]Simple Healthy Sustainable

Over two-thirds of us say they want to live this way.  The report reveals the real connections between this lifestyle choice and your customers’ preferences. Click here or on the link above to learn more about the report. Here is a sample from the report: Simple Healthy Sustainable Report Sample


  • Employee Wellbeing. Results of our recent New Zealand survey, covering diversity, equality and wellbeing issues.
  • Tribes of the 3 Worlds. The world views of technology and wellbeing begin to overtake the old world of consumerism. We look at  the effects on customer attitudes and expectations.

A fourth related report will be published in early September.

  • Global Citizens. A comparison of New Zealanders with a global viewpoint – both migrants and NZ born. What do they value?  How do they differ from the people who live in less diverse New Zealand. [Hint: it involves wellbeing.]

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Living Simply Healthily & Sustainably

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For a more light-hearted view of wellbeing trends, there is also: Marketing Wellbeing to the World

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