Tribes of the 3 Worlds Report – How We Shape The Future

The Tribes of the 3 Worlds Report is a blueprint for the future direction of business. It reveals the deep structure of our changing world and the mindsets of the customers who are changing it.  These people have adopted new standards for the brands they use. They are pulling us away from the old consumer industrial world towards, not one, but two new worlds:

  • the global techno-culture
  • the world of sustainable wellbeing

This slide deck and report will help you to 

  •  balance your  day to day decision-making with a longer-term business vision.
  • recognise what will happen next early enough to stake out the best territory.
  • find new, consistent ways of integrating your brands into this new marketing environment.

So What’s in This Report?

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The first part helps you to understand the profound differences between each of the 3 Worlds and to recognise key customer attitudes and behaviours of its main tribe. [I covered some of this in a recent blog post].

In the second part we look at the way these worlds intersect with each other  and the opportunities that arise from that.  We explore three hybrid worlds that have emerged as old businesses migrate from the Consumer Industrial world,. The fourth – the networked economy – reflects the blending of the two new worlds.

The final section answers the question: how do businesses make the most of these opportunities?  What are the consistent patterns? What new-world practices do we need to adopt?  Which old-world practices remain relevant?  How do we reconcile the two. What needs to be tweaked or fixed and what needs to be retired?

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The report package is a downloadable file containing a PowerPoint presentation and the 24 page presentation report. As always, we provide a full money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product.

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