How Many is Too Many Touch-points?

[And why does that sound vaguely rude?]

Touch-points matter. At the beginning of this year I decided I had way too many different points of contact online.  Windshift is a small operation – it’s impossible to co-ordinate everything.

Altogether I had fourteen different touch-points –  websites and social media. I wondered if that was a lot  – or just normal. Was I over-sharing? It felt a little bit like that awkward conversation you might have with a boyfriend when you’re 22. “How many??”

How many do you have?

And yes I can probably get some co-ordinating software like HootSuite or Edgar. But I happen to use my different websites and social media accounts in completely different ways. The Jill on Facebook is different from the Jill on Twitter and they’re both different to the Jill who writes this blog. I don’t want to send the same message anywhere.

So I decided to simplify and integrate before I went any further.

I began by renaming my main website Windshift Projects and linking to my key projects from the home page.  That gave the website some relationship to the various activities I was pursuing – the 3 Worlds project – a blog about the way our social and business environment is evolving, How to be Right for the Times – a shared research project I’d just launched in 2015 – and a Find Your Tribe online questionnaire based on a book I co-authored with Chris Brown in 2007 – 8 Tribes: the hidden classes of New Zealand.

The Traffic I Didn’t Know I Had.

Actually that was quite unexpected. One of the criteria for integration I used was the potential to drive traffic and online presence. So I put some Google analytics on the Tribes website – which has basically been left to its own devices for the past few years – and downloaded the database file to see what was happening.

Imagine my surprise to find that hundreds of profiles had already been done in 2015. The analytics confirmed the site gets around 500 visitors a month. So I think we’ll do something with that in the next little while. It may even be time for a Tribes update.

Meanwhile I dumped a project that didn’t fit – DIY Research – the one I thought would be so easy to do, but that turned out in the beta launch to need so much more content than I had time to make. And I side-lined a couple of other potential distractions.

So this is the new streamlined and integrated Windshift Projects – and the newly focused and co-ordinated me. I find it so much easier to keep track of everything  and to balance priorities.  It’s quite a revolution.

Except that now I have yet another touch-point.


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