Research Design and Mentoring

As more organisations take on their own market  research, we’re experiencing increased demand for our research design and mentoring services. Windshift’s Director Jill Caldwell  provides a range of services to help you do faster and better research, whatever the budget.

Mentoring Services:

Avoid that pit in the stomach feeling that you might be doing it all wrong. We offer online and phone-based sessions to coach you through the realities of running online research projects. We also teach  you how to analyse your findings, and write up or present the results.  As the testimonial below shows, we want you to succeed!

Peer Review:

We help you to deliver results that mean what you say they mean.  There are no nasty surprises-  we check every step as you do it – from set up to delivery. You can be confident that your project will  meet professional market research standards. That includes research design, sample design, question framing, analysis and reporting. 

Research Design:

Done well, market research surveys or interviews make your organisation look good. But a poorly designed research project is a wasted opportunity for all concerned. We custom-design market research projects that work best for you and the people you’re researching. We can also create simple processes to integrate direct customer feedback into your organisation.

Project Management:

Or do you need someone to help you manage a contract research project? It can be daunting if you’re pushed for time, or new at this.   Bringing in an experienced researcher makes it much easier. Our services include research design, brief writing, and research company selection. We also offer project management, review of findings and direct mentoring so you can do it yourself next time.

Finally, Here’s a Testimonial:

Here’s what one of our customers thought:

Jill offered specialist research support to our Council this year as we transitioned our annual residents’ survey from a paper-based to an online survey. We were keen to develop our internal capability to use online survey tools to assess project and programme performance, rather than consistently outsource research. While we never met up in person we established a great working relationship over phone and email. I appreciated her timeliness, flexibility, clear instruction and explanations and, above all, her encouragement as she coached me through the new process.

 Maria De Cort, Communications Coordinator, Central Otago District Council


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