Simple Healthy Sustainable Report

More than two-thirds of New Zealanders  try to live a simple healthy sustainable life, according to our 2018 Windshift Survey.  Their goal is wellbeing.  So what are the benefits of this lifestyle for them? And what are the opportunities for marketers? 

This report will help you to integrate wellbeing into your products and services and the way you serve your customers. It is a customer-centred philosophy of marketing that is potentially very beneficial to companies and organisations.

So what’s in this report?

Open the Simple Healthy Sustainable Report Sample  for a preview of the report.

The first part helps you to understand and recognise customers who pursue wellbeing. It explores different points of view on the topic.  

In the second part we look for the connections between wellbeing seeking and real world measures of wellbeing. Then we profile those who ‘have it all’.

The final section answers the question: how can you respond and integrate customer wellbeing into the way you do business?

Wellbeing is the goal of an intuitive and natural philosophy of life that prizes balance and simplicity. These people want to live a life that rewards their efforts but doesn’t burn them out.  This sense of wellbeing is embedded in their expectations and  behaviours.

This isn’t the view of a privileged minority.  It’s a mainstream way of dealing with a world that offers everything except enough time, money or attention. But even though it is common now to be customer-focused, few marketers really tap into customer wellbeing.

Buy the Simple Healthy Sustainable Report

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