The Pursuit of Wellbeing Report

The Pursuit of Wellbeing report identifies the large group of  people who pursue wellbeing in New Zealand. It explores differences between generations, genders etc and uncovers the benefits that successful brands and organisations find by promoting customer wellbeing.

According to a recent Windshift survey more than two-thirds of New Zealanders say they pursue wellbeing.
  They do it  because they want to live a life that rewards their efforts but doesn’t burn them out. They want balance and simplicity.
 It’s a mainstream way of dealing with a world that offers everything except enough time, money, attention, and certainty.

It’s also a business advantage that’s hidden in plain sight. As many successful New Zealand businesses have found, it is a more useful and powerful approach to customer relationships than simply being customer focused.

The Pursuit of Wellbeing report will help you to integrate wellbeing into your products and services and  the way you serve your customers.

So what’s in the Pursuit of Wellbeing Report?

The first part helps you to understand and recognise customers who pursue wellbeing. It explores different points of view on the topic – men and women, different generations and the distinctive views of ‘global citizens’.

The second part connects the dots between the pursuit of wellbeing and real world measures of success and contentment. Then we profile those who ‘have it all’ and learn their secrets.

The final section answers the question: how can you respond to your customers’ pursuit of wellbeing and use it to deepen your customer relationships? It shows how successful brands gain the benefits of focusing on customer wellbeing.

The presentation comprises 24 PNG slide images. The report sets out the overall case we are making. It explains each slide in detail and provides context, allowing you to distribute or re-present with confidence.