Lay of the Land Report

The Lay of the Land Report provides an  overview of New Zealanders’ attitudes for  marketers and communicators.  It is especially relevant to companies or organisations who want to understand New Zealanders more deeply.  The insights it brings will help change the way you  interact with your customers. Please click here to see the Lay of the Land Preview.

The report covers these broad topics:

Patterns and Trends – Mood & wellbeing, household economics, media & technology
  • What makes people happy? Who has confidence in the country’s direction?  How do we view our personal economic prospects? Where do we get our news and entertainment?
Values and Expectations -social issues & expectations, personal values
  • Who do we think we are? What expectations do we have of technology, businesses & brands?  How do we define our personal values & identity?
Similarities & Differences- Demographics, social tribes
  • The report explores the differences between city and country, men and women, older and younger people. What do we have in common? Where  do we differ? What drives the differences between us?

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Get the 24-page report by clicking on the Buy button below. The report will be downloaded immediately from the Windshift Store.  Or click here to see the Lay of the Land Preview

The Lay of the Land report package includes a set of 24 PNG images of slides and an accompanying report which backgrounds and explains each  slide. Together they provide a compelling story of New Zealand in 2018. For more information on the Lay of the Land study please click here.