How to be Right for the Times Report

According to Windshift’s 2018  Right for the Times  Report, only a tiny fraction of New Zealand’s most well-known brands have become more relevant and popular since 2015.  Only those who really work at it have become more right for the times. That happens when more people know and like your brand. It suggests  you have few flaws and good word of mouth. You’re doing what increasing numbers of people need you to do, and you’re available to them when they need you to be. 

About The Right for the Times Report

This short report helps marketers to face up to the challenges of remaining relevant in a fast-changing world.  It reveals the key results of our 2018 Right for the Times survey and the changes that have happened since the last measure.  The report focuses on three topics:

1. The Top 25 – Who’s in, who’s out? Who’s up, who’s down?
2. Key Decision Factors – What matters most to customers about brands?
3. Winners & Losers – What can the brands that have shifted teach us about being right for the times?

The online survey asks New Zealanders: Which, if any, of these brands seem to you to be  “RIGHT FOR THE TIMES” in 2018, whatever that means to you? The brands themselves are drawn from five clusters of brand categories:

  • finance [banking, insurance etc]
  • internet & media
  • food
  • retail
  • transportation [includes fuel, cars, air travel]

This study answers the question: how does our brand compare to other major brands in our category and beyond? Furthermore, is our brand doing as much as it can to be relevant, connected and useful to our customers and potential customers in 2018?  How has this changed since 2015? And most importantly – what should we do differently?

Buy the How to Be Right for the Times Report

If you click on the Buy button below you can buy the 24-page report and PowerPoint presentation through Windshift’s Shopify website. The report will be downloaded immediately. Or click here to see the first few pages in our How to be Right for the Times Sample

We have included all of the Top 25 brands from that year amongst the 72 brands we covered in 2018.

Research Now,  which  has the largest online survey database of New Zealanders, conducted the online survey. In total, they interviewed 1032 people aged 18 to 70  in early April 2018.