Three Tech Tribes

Based on our most recent  survey of New Zealanders, Windshift has created  the three tech tribes mini-report  to help any marketer or communicator who creates strategies, experiences or written content aimed at technology consumers.

The mini-report featured below offers insights and advice on how to reach, identify and engage with:

  • The Pro-Tech Tribe – people who identify with technology, who look for it in products, services and brands, who internalise it as part of their view of status.
  • The Futurist Tribe – they don’t necessarily LOVE technology, but they are in and of the culture it has created – global techno-culture. They look forwards and outwards.
  • High Users – often the most overlooked or taken for granted – perhaps because the don’t fit the Pro-Tech stereotypes.  Their lives are lived online and through their apps and devices. They put in the hours and they have a diverse range of online activities.

The report answers three key questions:

  • Who are our key audiences?
  • What unites and divides them?
  • What role is technology playing in their lives?

Choose from the two versions below:

  • the Three Tech Tribes Basic [featuring slide images with accompanying written summary]
  • or the Three Tech Tribes Plus version, which includes a spreadsheet of relevant survey data.