Mini Reports

How can you take the guesswork out of attracting and engaging the kind of customers who will help you grow your business? Take a look at Windshift’s Customer Tribes and Overview mini reports. These reports are being progressively launched in mid 2018.

Windshift’s mini reports leap into the vast gap between free information [that takes a lot of time to pull together], and face to face presentations or customised research [that may not yet justify the hefty price tag]. To help get your creative juices flowing, they’re available instantly through Windshift’s Shopify platform.

2018 Customer Tribes Mini Reports

  • Three Technology Tribes [launch date 5 June 2018]
  • Six Customer Tribes [launch date 26 June 2018]
  • Tribes of the 3 Worlds [launch date  3 July 2018]
  • Global Citizens [TBA]
  • Generations and Gender Differences [TBA]

Overview Mini Reports

We bring you the best analysis and insight we have about the way New Zealanders see themselves and their world and the way their views are changing..

Our Customer Tribes Mini Reports are based on up-to-date surveys and observations that explore New Zealanders’ perspectives and expectations. You get easy access to Windshift’s analysis and insight, and learn about the  patterns of difference between New Zealanders. What matters to different people? How do they see themselves?  What do they think of  products and services like yours?

What Do You Get and What Does it Cost?

Each mini report package contains a PDF presentation-style document, comprising  a set of slide images, each with its own written commentary.  The set of slides is also included as PNG images.  The mini reports  each cost  $400 plus GST for a 20-24 page PDF, or $750.00 plus GST with an Excel dataset included.

There are discounts for small businesses – just contact us to register as a small business user.  We can arrange Invoices  and you get your money back if not satisfied – that’s all there is to it!

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