My Sunday Newsletters

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If you’d like to browse some of the back issues, here they are:

12 March 2017: My Dinner Party Guests – Yuja Wang

5 March 2017: My Dinner Party Guests – Ed Yong

26 February 2017: My Dinner Party Guests – Dr Katie Pollard

19 February 2017: My Dinner Party Guests – Todd Saunders

12 February 2017: How to Capture Attention in 2017

17 December 2016: Have Another Very Raglan Christmas

10 December 2016: Twitter, the Twenties & Too Many Warnings

4 December 2016: The Lay of the Land

27 November 2016: Moments in Time

20 November 2016: Causes, Effects & Scary Scenarios

10 November 2016: And Then I Woke Up

6 November 2016: Challenges & Rabbit Holes

30 October 2016: Hypernormalisation

23 October 2016: Sapiens, Smart Talk & Stories


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