Face to Face Presentations

Windshift’s Director Jill Caldwell provides interesting and stimulating research presentations to marketers and communicators. They explore  New Zealanders’ values and expectations, and how they’re changing. So they help you keep your marketing and communications  fresh and relevant.

There are currently two off-the-shelf presentations available, each designed to fit a one hour time slot.

The Lay of the Land Presentations

The Lay of the Land 2018 Presentation covers these broad topics:

patterns and trends – wellbeing, economics, media & tech
  • What makes people happy? Who has confidence in the country’s direction?  How do we view our personal economic prospects? Where do we get our news and entertainment?
Values and Expectations -social issues, personal values
  • Who do we think we are? What expectations do we have of technology, businesses & brands?  How do we define our personality & identity?
Similarities & Differences- Demographics, social tribes
  • Exploring the differences between city and country, men and women, older and younger people. What we have in common?  Where  we differ and what drives differences between us?

We ran our first Lay of the Land study in 2017, exploring  the mood, values and social behaviour of New Zealanders.  In 2018 we wanted to pinpoint the kind of social changes that are emerging with the change of government.

This presentation  brings together the learnings of more than a decade of social exploration into a focused and comprehensive package.

To organise an in-person briefing  contact Windshift Director Jill Caldwell.  

Or get the mini report here

How to be Right for the Times 2018 Presentations


The 2018 How to be Right for the Times presentation focuses on New Zealand’s most popular brands. It provides a broad overview of the ‘health’ and relevance of  over 70 New Zealand brands.

1. The Top 25 – Who’s in, who’s out? Who’s up, who’s down?
2. Key Decision Factors – What matters most to customers about brands?
3. Winners & Losers – What can the brands that have shifted teach us about being right for the times?

Last run in 2015, this study answers the question: how do we compare to other major brands in our category?  Is our brand doing enough to be relevant, connected and useful to our customers? Does it appeal to potential customers in 2018?  How has this changed since 2015? And most importantly – what should we do differently?

Windshift provides in-depth analysis of the factors that are propelling a subset of brands into the top echelon of New Zealand brands and what you need to do to get there too. For more information please contact Jill Caldwell.

Or get the mini report here.

What Do You Get and What Does it Cost?

Costs for standard non-customised presentations  range from $2,400 to $4,800 plus GST. Where you fall on that spectrum depends on three things:

  • Do you want to keep the presentation [more expensive] or just watch it and take notes [less expensive]?
  • Have you already bought the related mini-report [less expensive – we discount that cost from the presentation]?
  • Where will the presentation be held? [Travel costs out of Auckland are added to the base cost.