Are Transitions Ever Easy? Let’s Hope So

Change Success Wellbeing

Are transitions ever easy? Perhaps when they’re voluntary, but even then, events like marriages are high on the life stress scale [higher than being fired apparently].

This year I’m facing a very stressful transition – closing down the company I’ve run for almost 20 years and leaving a place I’ve loved living. But it has to be done. In the past five years, and particularly in the last 18 months, I’ve faced seismic changes in my business, leading to falling income and rising debt.

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Six Customer Tribes – Using Tribes to Build Customer Wellbeing

Six Customer Tribes

There are six large, distinctive customer tribes in New Zealand. Though they buy many of the same things, each of them has a completely different focus. Their underlying values vary greatly. When you overlook that, your marketing efforts can flounder or even fail. So it’s very useful to understand what matters to each of them and how to integrate them into your marketing practice. Continue reading “Six Customer Tribes – Using Tribes to Build Customer Wellbeing”