Are Transitions Ever Easy? Let’s Hope So

Are transitions ever easy? Perhaps when they’re voluntary, but even then, events like marriages are high on the life stress scale [higher than being fired apparently].

This year I’m facing a very stressful transition – closing down the company I’ve run for almost 20 years and leaving a place I’ve loved living. But it has to be done. In the past five years, and particularly in the last 18 months, I’ve faced seismic changes in my business, leading to falling income and rising debt.

It took its toll on my confidence and vigour, especially when added to underlying health issues.   And while it is all very predictable for people in my age group to face such challenges, you never really appreciate what the combined effects will be. Intersectionality is a thing and it isn’t just about discrimination.

The only thing I know is that if I want to have a reasonably comfortable retirement I need to build more or better passive income streams.

That’s what I was aiming for last year when I launched a series of reports through my Windshift Store. The idea was to pre-prepare reports which highlighted my best insights, rather than having to do the face-to-face on-the-day thing, which was becoming difficult.

I’ve sold a few, but not many.  They more than covered the costs of sales but the hourly rate of return was probably about $10.00.  So the first priority is to try again to sell my reports – more persistently, and at a lower price point. You can see them all here. There are also a couple of e-books there – one I made from the original 8 Tribes manuscript and another called Beautiful Lies, a collection of my best newsletters. Buy Now! –  as they say in the trade.

Alongside this I may get some opportunities to contribute my expertise to some of the friends and colleagues I’ve been writing for in the Windshift Network over the years.

Ultimately though, I’m venturing beyond market research and consultancy.  There will be a series of projects – personal and professional – all aimed at helping people to make good transitions.  You can expect tools, insights and examples that touch on these topics. I aim to add richness to your thinking and inspiration to your endeavours. Mine too!!  It will take some time to put together but I’m excited about the possibilities it offers.

More to come on this topic . . .

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