Understanding New Zealanders

Windshift’s expertise lies in  helping marketers and communicators to build competitive advantage by understanding New Zealanders. Wherever possible we challenge conventional wisdom – unless it happens to be true. 

It’s not easy doing business in New Zealand. In our  2018 Right for the Times study we found that it’s hard for most businesses to attract widespread interest from customers.  They stay in their lanes.  Our Lay of the Land study shows that less than a quarter of our businesses are prospering and expanding.

So Where Do You Start?

Understanding New Zealanders is an essential part of building a local business advantage.  But what do you need to know? Our targeted reports  give companies a very cost-effective start point that can  guide or supplement your own investigations.  They offer two kinds of insight:

  • How to give customers more of what works for them – whoever they are and however their lives are changing.
  • How to build brands and businesses that are focused on the most important drivers of high value growth.

We have based them on recent online surveys and other sources of insight such as in-depth interviews. So you get up-to-date information at a fraction of cost of a  stand-alone research project.

Consumer Tribes Reports

If you don’t understand  your customer base, you’re missing opportunities to integrate your products into their lives. It’s harder to give them those small positive experiences that lead to word of mouth recommendations –  key to 21st century business.  If you can’t identify the signature values of important customer tribes, you have less chance to truly connect with them.

Understanding the living breathing people of your company’s diverse tribes has many benefits. Demographic and behavioural indicators are useful, but  even micro-targeting works best when you know who you’re talking to.

Our consumer tribes reports give you easy access to Windshift’s insight and analysis. They reveal  patterns of difference between New Zealanders, in their connection to technology, eco-friendly products or their general values and expectations.

Understanding New Zealanders : Reports, Briefings & Presentations

While our reports offer instant insight, our Lay of the Land  presentations are more interactive.  They explore  New Zealanders’ values and expectations in 2017 and 2018, and how they’re changing. So they help you keep your communications style fresh and relevant.

Our How to Be Right for the Times report also helps to build relevance. It is  part of a larger interactive presentation that can be run as a briefing or as a workshop. It’s valuable for ambitious marketers who want to work out how to attract higher value customers and improve perceptions of their product or service.

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Windshift Reports: Instant Insight for Marketers

Windshift’s reports are available instantly through this website or direct from Windshift’s Shopify platform.

2018 Wellbeing Reports

Simple Healthy Sustainable

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Tribes of the 3 Worlds

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2018 Customer Tribes  Reports

three tech tribes

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Six Customer Tribes

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2018 Overview Reports

Lay of the Land Mini Report

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How to be right for the times

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What Do You Get and What Does it Cost?

Each report package contains  a Powerpoint presentation. and a PDF presentation report which  pairs each slide with a detailed written commentary. You can view some of the slides for each presentation in our store.   This is what the reports looks like: Lay of the Land Sample

The  report packages  each cost between $450 and $550 plus GST for a 20-24 page PDF, or $750.00 plus GST if an Excel dataset is included.

There are discounts for small businesses – just contact us to register as a small business user.  We can arrange Invoices  and you get your money back if not satisfied – that’s all there is to it!

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Face to Face Presentations

Windshift’s Director Jill Caldwell provides interesting and stimulating research presentations to marketers and communicators. They explore  New Zealanders’ values and expectations, and how they’re changing. So they help you keep your marketing and communications  fresh and relevant.

There are currently two off-the-shelf presentations available, each designed to fit a one hour time slot.

The Lay of the Land Presentations

The Lay of the Land 2018 Presentation covers these broad topics:

patterns and trends – wellbeing, economics, media & tech
  • What makes people happy? Who has confidence in the country’s direction?  How do we view our personal economic prospects? Where do we get our news and entertainment?
Values and Expectations -social issues, personal values
  • Who do we think we are? What expectations do we have of technology, businesses & brands?  How do we define our personality & identity?
Similarities & Differences- Demographics, social tribes
  • Exploring the differences between city and country, men and women, older and younger people. What we have in common?  Where  we differ and what drives differences between us?

We ran our first Lay of the Land study in 2017, exploring  the mood, values and social behaviour of New Zealanders.  In 2018 we wanted to pinpoint the kind of social changes that are emerging with the change of government.

This presentation  brings together the learnings of more than a decade of social exploration into a focused and comprehensive package.

To organise an in-person briefing  contact Windshift Director Jill Caldwell.  

Or get the mini report here

How to be Right for the Times 2018 Presentations


The 2018 How to be Right for the Times presentation focuses on New Zealand’s most popular brands. It provides a broad overview of the ‘health’ and relevance of  over 70 New Zealand brands.

1. The Top 25 – Who’s in, who’s out? Who’s up, who’s down?
2. Key Decision Factors – What matters most to customers about brands?
3. Winners & Losers – What can the brands that have shifted teach us about being right for the times?

Last run in 2015, this study answers the question: how do we compare to other major brands in our category?  Is our brand doing enough to be relevant, connected and useful to our customers? Does it appeal to potential customers in 2018?  How has this changed since 2015? And most importantly – what should we do differently?

Windshift provides in-depth analysis of the factors that are propelling a subset of brands into the top echelon of New Zealand brands and what you need to do to get there too. For more information please contact Jill Caldwell.

Or get the mini report here.

What Do You Get and What Does it Cost?

Costs for standard non-customised presentations  range from $2,400 to $4,800 plus GST. Where you fall on that spectrum depends on three things:

  • Do you want to keep the presentation [more expensive] or just watch it and take notes [less expensive]?
  • Have you already bought the related mini-report [less expensive – we discount that cost from the presentation]?
  • Where will the presentation be held? [Travel costs out of Auckland are added to the base cost.




Jill Caldwell – Moments of Truth

Jill CaldwellI’m Jill Caldwell. I’ve been researching New Zealanders since 1989. I focus on what drives changes in our attitudes and values and how our social environment evolves over time. This website is dedicated to sharing the moments of truth that define our essence.

I formed Windshift in 2000, after 11 years in the market research industry. I help people in businesses and organisations to build positive relationships with their customers and to create benefit for the broader society.

My main focus is on sharing insights into the hearts and minds of New Zealanders . The main formats I use for this are reports and blog posts. I also co-wrote 8 Tribes: the hidden classes of New Zealand .

The raw material comes from large scale  shared research projects – one or two per year.  These work on a subscription basis.  So they allow clients to access information about emerging trends or changing demographics that they might not do themselves.

Clients and Networks

  I work with a range of private companies, public sector organisations and agencies, including [in the last 12-18 months]: 

AA Insurance | Assignment Group | Central Otago Regional Council | FCB New Zealand | Forest & Bird |  HT Group |  Ogilvy New Zealand | Sputnik Ltd | Wellington Regional Council

I formed the Windshift Network to keep people up to date with what I’m thinking and doing. Join the network now [see below] and never miss a blog post.