Understanding New Zealanders

Windshift’s expertise lies in understanding New Zealanders and helping marketers and communicators to do the same.  Despite social media ‘listening’ and ‘scraping’, it’s often hard to bridge the gap between the demographics or  behaviours that define your target audiences, and the living breathing people of your company’s diverse tribes.

This matters. If you don’t understand  your customer base, you’re missing opportunities to build loyalty and positive word of mouth.  If you can’t identify the signature attitudes and values of important customer tribes,  it’s hard to communicate in ways that resonate deeply with them. 

Firms that don’t fully understand their audiences use generic media labels like ‘families’, or ‘women under 30’ to describe them. As if that one point of similarity cancels out all their other differences.  It doesn’t – most often it leads to blandness.

So Where Do You Start?

Understanding New Zealanders is a very cost-effective business advantage.  But where do you start? How can you get this information if you don’t currently have the budget for an in-depth study of your own?

Windshift’s overviews of the social backdrop to everyday consumer behaviour are a good place to begin. Our Lay of the Land  presentations provide a more traditional face-to-face opportunity to think about the patterns and trends that underlie consumer choices. They explore  New Zealanders’ values and expectations in 2017 and 2018, and how they’re changing. Perhaps most importantly they reveal the similarities and differences organisations must incorporate into their communications strategies.

Mini Reports: An Inexpensive Option

Our targeted mini reports  offer companies a very cost-effective start point They are based on recent online surveys and other sources of insight such as in-depth interviews. You get up-to-date information at a fraction of cost of commissioning the overall research project that produced it.

The reports give you easy access to Windshift’s analysis and insight, and reveal the patterns of difference between New Zealanders. What matters to different people? How do they see themselves? How does this relate to your own target audiences? 

New mini-reports and presentations are added to the Windshift Store all the time. To stay up to date with new releases and updates, join the Windshift Network below.



Lay of the Land

Windshift’s work has always focused on understanding the social backdrop to everyday consumer behaviour. In the past two years, this has crystallised into the Lay of the Land study [LOTL].

We ran our first Lay of the Land study in 2017, exploring  the mood, values and underlying social context of New Zealanders. In 2018, the first annual update, we wanted to pinpoint the kind of societal changes that are emerging with the change of government.

This study brings together the learnings of more than a decade of social exploration into a focused and comprehensive package.

The Lay of the Land 2018 covers these broad topics:

patterns and trends – wellbeing, economics, media & tech
  • What makes people happy, who has confidence in the country’s direction,  how do we view our personal economic prospects, where do we get our news and entertainment?
Values and Expectations -social issues, personal values
  • Who do we think we are? What expectations do we have of technology, businesses & brands?  How do we define our personality & identity?
Similarities & Differences- Demographics, social tribes
  • Exploring the differences between city and country, men and women, older and younger people: what we have in common, where  we differ, what drives differences between us

Get the mini-report  or organise an in-person briefing . . . available in June 2018 and beyond . . . contact Windshift Director Jill Caldwell to arrange.  

How to be Right for the Times 2018

The 2018 How to be Right for the Times presentation is built on top of  the  Lay of the Land study, adding a broad overview of the ‘health’ and relevance of  almost 100 New Zealand brands.

Last run in 2015, this study answers the question: how do we compare to other major brands in our category and beyond? Is our brand doing as much as it can to be relevant, connected and useful to our customers and potential customers in 2018?  How has this changed since 2015? And most importantly – what should we do differently?

Windshift provides in-depth analysis of the factors that are propelling a subset of brands into the top echelon of New Zealand brands and what you need to do to get there too. For more information please contact Jill Caldwell.


Mini Reports

How can you take the guesswork out of attracting and engaging the kind of customers who will help you grow your business? Take a look at Windshift’s Customer Tribes and Overview mini reports. These reports are being progressively launched in mid 2018.

Windshift’s mini reports leap into the vast gap between free information [that takes a lot of time to pull together], and face to face presentations or customised research [that may not yet justify the hefty price tag]. To help get your creative juices flowing, they’re available instantly through Windshift’s Shopify platform.

2018 Customer Tribes Mini Reports

  • Three Technology Tribes [launch date 5 June 2018]
  • Global Citizens {launch date 26 June]]
  • Six Customer Tribes [launch date 3 July 2018]
  • Generations and Gender Differences [TBA]
  • Progressives v Conservatives [TBA]

Overview Mini Reports

Each mini report package contains a PDF presentation-style document, comprising  a set of slide images, each with its own written commentary.  The set of slides is also included as PNG images.  The mini reports  each cost  $400 plus GST for a 20-24 page PDF, or $750.00 plus GST with an Excel dataset included.

We bring you the best analysis and insight we have about the way New Zealanders see themselves and their world and the way their views are changing..

Our Customer Tribes Mini Reports are based on up to date surveys and observations that explore New Zealanders’ perspectives and expectations. You get easy access to Windshift’s analysis and insight, and learn about the  patterns of difference between New Zealanders. What matters to different people? How do they see themselves?  What do they think of  products and services like yours?

There are discounts for small businesses – just contact us to register as a small business user.  Invoices can be arranged and you get your money back if not satisfied – that’s all there is to it!


Jill Caldwell

Jill 20151

I’m Jill Caldwell. I formed Windshift in 2000, after 11 years in the market research industry. I help people in businesses and organisations to understand their customers and audiences, and to build positive relationships with them .

My main focus is on sharing insights into the hearts and minds of New Zealanders with communicators, marketers and customer service specialists. The main formats I use for this are  slide decks and audio presentations.

The raw material comes from large scale  shared research projects – one or two per year – which work on a subscription basis – allowing clients to access information about emerging trends or changing demographics, that they might not do themselves.

I co-wrote 8 Tribes: the hidden classes of New Zealand and I ran a major study of New Zealanders’ values, called The Lay of the Land in 2017. To see what I’m up to this year, please click here.

I formed the Windshift Network to keep people up to date with what I’m thinking and doing. Join the network now [see below] and get my monthly Windshift Observations newsletter.