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Ultimately Windshift has only one goal: to help make New Zealand a better place.  Currently we do that in two ways.  First, we create reports and slide decks that help you to get a clear picture of New Zealanders and the things that really matter to them. Second, we help  organisations to do good research through our design and mentoring services

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Our first act of 2019 is our  Successful Brands collection. It’s a series of recently updated reports that explores lessons from New Zealand’s top brands, shows how successful brands build customer wellbeing, and reveals winning business strategies for 2019 and beyond.

How Ambitious Should We Be in 2019?

The big issue for 2019 concerns ambition. Is it time to make a bold move or should we hunker down and hope for the best?

The cumulative effects of many small but rapid changes has led to a  widespread sense of alienation and uncertainty in New Zealand and elsewhere. Many businesses and organisations respond by focusing on the details, sticking to the day to day things they can control. There’s a lot of tinkering going on. 

But Windshift is with the people who believe it’s time to be bigger and bolder.  Even if we hadn’t just been given twelve years to deal with climate change, there are plenty of other challenges. It’s not just the gap between rich and poor that’s growing, it’s the gap between fast and slow.  For these issues  we need our people and institutions to be in the best form of their lives. They must know how to get the job done and focus on what really matters, everyone doing their bit.

Our ‘bit’ is to help to you to improve your decision-making with simple tools, greater know-how, and better insights.

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What Successful Brands Do

Windshift’s Successful Brands Collection explores lessons from New Zealand’s top brands, shows how successful brands build customer wellbeing, and reveals winning business strategies for 2019 and beyond.

These are the tag-lines of three recently updated reports, now available [either together or separately] at our online store. Though each covers quite different topics, they have a shared focus on how brands and businesses must evolve in order to become and remain successful. They help you to take a step back and focus on overall strategies, without losing sight of your practical to-do lists for the year ahead.

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Research Design and Mentoring

As more organisations take on their own market  research, we’re experiencing increased demand for our research design and mentoring services. Windshift’s Director Jill Caldwell  provides a range of services to help you do faster and better research, whatever the budget. Continue reading “Research Design and Mentoring”

Jill Caldwell – Researcher Since 1989

Jill CaldwellI’m Jill Caldwell. I’ve been researching New Zealanders since 1989. I help people in businesses and organisations to build strong relationships with their customers and to make a positive difference in their communities.

I formed Windshift in 2000, after 11 years in the market research industry.  A lot has changed since then – especially the technology of market research.  As a result, I’m helping more organisations to do their own research. Continue reading “Jill Caldwell – Researcher Since 1989”


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