Our most recent Family Wellbeing research project [late 2015] was designed to explore how New Zealand families approached the issue of health and well-being, especially in relation to food and drink.

We found the conversation dominated by one topic: sugar. 

This Sugar Research Promo.004

A massive transformation is taking place in New Zealand and elsewhere, in our attitudes to food and the people who make it. In the year since our previous Wellbeing study, sugar had move from a topic of conversation for the ‘chattering classes’ to a widespread preoccupation.

From the broader research project we’ve now put together a small focused presentation that brings together all our insights about the perceptions and usage of products containing sugar.

If you sell sweet things you need to see our presentation. Not only will  it explain the spread of anti-sugar sentiment, it will reveal a very desirable opportunity and may help avoid some false steps.

The images below outline our approach.

Research Description:

Research Description

Research Aim

Research Aim

Our Presentation Reveals:

Our Sugar Research .007

Our Sugar Research .008

Our Sugar Research .009

Our Sugar Research .010

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